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Bold Striped Suits or Pastel Sneakers? Are men ready to up their fashion game this summer?

Bold Striped Suits or Pastel Sneakers? Are men ready to up their fashion game this summer?

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With the temperatures rising, it’s not just the ladies but also the men who need a wardrobe makeover for the humid season. Read on to know how you can style yourself for a virtual brunch, an office video call or a trivia night party with friends

This summer, beat the heat by opting for these 5 new styles instead of the same old shorts and polo T-shirts. From sun-friendly alternatives to light pastel colours, here are some must haves:

  1. Bold stripe suits

Summer is all about being bold and confident. One way to ace the dynamic look is to go for bold stripes that grab attention towards the print of your suit. Whether you want to go for a classic black and white or stand out with a poppy coloured stripe, it’s one fashion statement you can’t go wrong with.

  1. Pastel Sneakers

One trend that will always be evergreen during the hot season is pastel. What’s so different this time around? Well, instead of having a pastel blue shirt or a pair of pastel chinos, you might wanna get hold of pastel sneakers. With white sneakers becoming oh so last season, it’s the pastel that will grab eyeballs this time.

  1. Rounded glasses

Do you struggle looking for the right frame of glasses every time you need a new pair? Don’t you worry, we have it covered now. A good pair of round glasses is the safest option for every face type- round, oval, rectangular or diamond. Opt for a sleeker frame if a classy look is what you’re going for or you could experiment with a solid coloured one for a more casual appeal.

  1. Pleated trousers

As the old saying goes, what goes around, comes around! This classis Victorian style has finally made a comeback and we ain’t complaining one bit. Pleated trousers scream sophistication like no other trend. These trousers are a must have in every man’s closet and here’s hoping this style stays on for a long long time.

  1. Shorts and blazers

This last trend is for all those men who’ve been wearing shorts throughout ever video call that has happened during this lockdown. Match a crisp pastel shirt with a classic blazer and a pair of solid coloured chino shorts if you want to be tagged as the most fashionable person at your office. This trend makes for the perfect summer outfit with its versatile nature of being used in a professional space or a casual day with the pals.

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