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6 different ways in which you can adopt a sustainable and healthy lifestyle

6 different ways in which you can adopt a sustainable and healthy lifestyle

Have you been planning to switch to an eco-friendly, long-lasting life but don’t know how? Well, here are some simple tricks to try that surely won’t seem like too much trouble
  1. Just chill-i

Does the idea of organic farming entice you? You can always start with some easy ones like green chillies, tomatoes and curry leaves, and gradually dig your way into more exotic veggies for a healthier, cleaner life. Home based organic farming would mean that you now have more greens at home, which make for a pleasant environment. The idea of sustainability largely comes from the fact that you become self-sufficient enough to be able to sustain for longer periods to time.

  1. Flaunt. Flaunt. Flaunt. Repeat.

The no. 1 rule of sustainability is to NOT buy new clothes. Don’t get us wrong, we do understand the euphoric feeling that shopping brings to the table. But instead of shopping for a new garment every time there’s a new occasion, look up on how you can style the same LBD in different ways. Black dresses, White shirts, Long button downs and chunky belts are few of the many must haves that can be worn again and again, without making them look repetitive. Take good care of your clothes in order to make them wearable even after multiple washes. You might actually start feeling better when you realise you can still slip into that old pair of jeans!

  1. Hand me downs

Growing up with siblings, we’ve either been the on the receiving or giving end of hand me down clothes. It’s time to apply that to adulting life now. Thrift shops are a great way to come across some authentic reusable garments. Vintage shops across Europe have cute little items that you might want to have a look it. What’s great is that these shops sell their products at discounted rates that don’t burn a huge hole in your pocket. On the other hand, if you think there are a few items at home that you don’t need anymore, look for exhibitions or shops that might take them and give it someone who would take good care of it.

  1. Read. Read.

One of the most essentials things to do while adapting a sustainable life is to make sure that you keep yourself updated with new information from time to time. Follow pages on Instagram and Google some blogs that talk about sustainability regularly. Ask brands what measure that are taking for a longer living planet. Most tags on clothes have information about how the garment has been manufactured. Read them carefully and ask yourself about how it makes you feel about wearing that top or those new pants that you didn’t necessarily need.

  1. Not so fast please

Fast fashion has always been under the radar whenever people have talk about sustainability. Those clothes are designed in way that don’t last for more than a few months, giving you no options but to discard them away after a few washes. Make a conscious decision by choosing brands that manufacture sustainable clothes. A lot of Indian brands, including Oye Trenz, use fabrics that are homebred and last long enough for you to use them for over a year. Remember, that it all depends on your choice in the end.

  1. Start a discussion

Lastly, a key element of changing any lifestyle is to have healthy discussions with people around you. Ask questions. Inform People. Educate yourself. Know that sustainable living is a process and won’t come to a dead end once you’ve ticked all the boxes off a check list. Understand the benefits of it and share with your loved one, why it is important and what it does for the planet.

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