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A binge list for all those people looking for a day full of heart-warming vibes

A binge list for all those people looking for a day full of heart-warming vibes

One good thing this lockdown has given us is all the time on Earth to binge watch everything that’s on the internet. So here’s a binge list of feel good shows and movies that you must add to your watch list


  1. What are the odds?

A freshly realised Netflix original movie, this Abhay Deol produced flick gives you all the sugary vibes that make for a mushy watch. The lead actors, Yashaswini Dayama and Karanvir do an incredible job in portraying two high school kids who are out on a bizarre adventure. What are the odds that these two poles opposite champs make your heart fill up with joy after an hour and a half long movie? Watch it this weekend to find out.

  1. Feel good

As the name suggests, this series is what defines a “feel good” emotion. Based on a lesbian couple, this British comedy is a roller coaster ride about love, self-discovery and relationships. Mae Martin, the protagonist, not only acts in the show but is also the creator of it and the story is loosely based on her life. Charolette Ritchie who plays Mae’s partner makes you feel for the compulsive-ness of the character, giving you a reflection of how relationships turn out in these modern times. The movie can be watched on Netflix.

  1. A beautiful day in the neighbourhood

Is there anything Tom Hanks can’t do? Well, this movie shouts out a no to that question. Teary eyes are bound to happen for this heart-warming watch, but don’t blame us ‘cause we’ve warned you. Hanks’ simplistic acting steals the show and the movie is just what you need to satisfy an emotion-heavy craving. You can watch it this week on Amazon Prime.

  1. After Life

Another Netflix gem for you to binge, this show is the epitome of what I’d call some pretty good writing. With Ricky Gervais as the lead actor, writer and creator of this British comedy, the show is way more than dark humour and Gervais’ comic timing. The show leaves you thinking about love, life and what holds people together. This one’s for everyone out there who enjoys a good sob with a dash of hard hitting dark comedy.

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