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Family faux pas

Family faux pas

You are born with a set of people who are supposedly there for you all your life. Fair enough. It’s a good bunch that you’ve got. One set of two people who are always on the lookout for you and perhaps a buddy to share your ups and downs with. Basically, a family. Your life revolves around this bunch. You grow up with them, fall with them, laugh with them, share your life with them. You are made to believe that no matter what, through thick and thin, these people are the ones you’ve got. It’s the solid squad. Or…maybe not?

Perhaps families aren’t what old Bollywood movies and shows like Modern Family have made us to believe. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not as bad as that KKK drama either, but we for sure don’t have a fevicol feeling with our “fam” anymore. Families are like roommates. We live with them, share our rooms, share our groceries…but maybe not share our feelings and sorrows? We don’t need a tailor-made family anymore; we get to choose one for ourselves.

Maybe families don’t mean blood relations after all. Remember that one time when you got super drunk and your best friend had to look after you like a mom? Or perhaps the way your significant other hugs you after a long tiring day, giving you the warmth of a parent. Connotations such as maternal instincts, fatherly figure and brotherhood probably don’t have anything to do with the family feeling at all but have only to do with the love we crave as social beings.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s not as though the Gen Z doesn’t care about a family…but it’s about how we’ve learnt to create one, to be able to love more than we were taught to. Bonds are made through shared experiences and mutual sorrows. It’s as though we want to build onto a life that strengthens with a deeper feeling each day. The idea of someone consciously choosing to be with us every single day is what makes this life worth living.

Love doesn’t have any limitations anymore. It’s beyond relatives and relations, formalities and obligations. Love is fluid enough for us to make us feel free; make us confide in a total stranger and take a leap of faith; because well, life is too damn short to not do so! Family, friends, colleagues…are just labels we had created because we thought it would be easier for us love people if we have a handbook that tells us who is important enough and who isn’t. But the reality narrates a completely different story.

The story now doesn’t want the handbook anymore, because everyone can’t follow the same one. Maybe this isn’t any new reality or an altered one, maybe it’s just that we’ve all finally learnt how to live; how to love

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