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Why has it become important to support local fashion boutiques now more than ever?

Why has it become important to support local fashion boutiques now more than ever?

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With the only certain thing about the future being its uncertainty, small time fashion boutiques need your support and here’s why

The world is crippling with anxiety about how things are going to look in the near and far future. Businesses are collapsing, economies are falling apart, and lives are being lost in numbers that are becoming difficult to count day by day. Have you been feeling helpless in the current situation? Do you wish to contribute somehow to stop the downfall from affecting us in an unimaginable way? Well, here’s what you can do.

Support your local boutiques financially by buying products that they make and manufacture. Instead of going for fast fashion brands that you would normally go shop for at malls, go online to look for brands that make sustainable garments locally and help them by contributing to their economy. Buy clothes that last longer and are made by brands who use homebred tailors and designers. Read up on designers around your surroundings and look into what they need for flourishing despite the pandemic.

Promote boutiques who make eco-friendly and sustainable clothing. Use your social media handles to talk about these shops and spread the word by letting your friends and colleagues know through WhatsApp groups and Instagram stories. Tag your vendor or shop owner every time you buy a top or a dress from their place, so that your followers can reach their page easily and discover the kind of products they sell. Encourage your pals to switch to long-lasting clothes and inform them about the ill effects of fast fashion. If there is a way you can help small time designers with their marketing, then reach out to them and ask how they can use your skills.

The key here is to remember that we are all in this together. Ask questions through social media about how you can be of help. If there is a piece of knowledge you think can be helpful to those who are just venturing out, educate them about it and spread the word. Update yourself with the latest information by reading about how you can contribute to a growing economy and keep having healthy discussions with experts who can guide you through the process.

Remember, that supporting local fashion boutiques not only means you want to boost the economy but promoting the right ones would also mean that you are choosing to go for a sustainable lifestyle and encourage the ones around you to do so as well. So this weekend, use your Instagram for not just double tapping on your neighbours Dalgona coffee but also to look up on who’s the local designer you want your clothes from and how you’re going to make sure that their work is known by one and all.


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